Honeycomb Kimono


  • Image of Honeycomb Kimono
  • Image of Honeycomb Kimono

A Mz Eclectic original, ankara print full length kimono. with wide sleeve.
Size XL (Can fit L-2XL)
Model wears L.

Image of GOD. Hoodie [Unisex]
GOD. Hoodie [Unisex]
Image of  "Vibe" Mud Cloth Sweatshirt
Sold out
"Vibe" Mud Cloth Sweatshirt
Image of Bloom Kimono
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Bloom Kimono
Image of Sun Dance Kimono
Sun Dance Kimono
Image of Unisex Ankara Poncho
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Unisex Ankara Poncho
Image of Oshun Denim Button Up (Unisex)
Oshun Denim Button Up (Unisex)
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"Dance with Me" Denim Jacket
Image of "Solar Plexus" Denim Jacket
"Solar Plexus" Denim Jacket
Image of Elephant Denim
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Elephant Denim
Image of Namaste Tee
Namaste Tee
Image of One Love Tee
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One Love Tee
Image of Eyes On Me Embellished Tee
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Eyes On Me Embellished Tee
Image of  Graffiti Queendom Tee
Sold out
Graffiti Queendom Tee
Image of  Lux  Recycled Turban Headbands
Lux Recycled Turban Headbands
Image of Ankara Turban
Ankara Turban
Image of Recycled Turban Headbands (Various Prints)
Recycled Turban Headbands (Various Prints)
Image of Fanny Pack
Sold out
Fanny Pack
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