So here's the story...

Mz Eclectic is a boutique collection of world- inspired, upcycled & original fashion, art and lifestyle items created by principal designer and artist, Ebony C. Brown. 

Fashioned from combining Ebony's love for thrifting, designing, and traditional cultural attire she decided to share her art with the world and launched Mz Eclectic in the summer of 2018.

"I learned to sew by watching my aunt and grandmother who often made their own clothing. I was a kid, I had no idea that seeds were being planted at that time, it wasn't even like I was intently watching or studying with my little crayon and notepad taking notes or anything but you'd be surprised at the stuff you pick up just by being in the room or in an environment where these creative processes are always happening.  

"They were definitely much more technical with it- the different patterns and all but I never got into following patterns. I'm much more organic, just creating what I see in my head or feel in my heart." says Ebony.

Mz Eclectic pushes the envelope to create exclusive pieces by mixing fabrics, textures, colors, cultural traditions, and art forms. Roughly 80% of the products and materials used are recycled & in their second life.

"Traces of Africa, Asian and the Middles East can be found throughout the collection. Each piece tells a story of journey's past, while the new creation embraces chapters to be written"

Peace & Love,

-- Mz Eclectic